FCFASA is registered in South Africa as Non-Profit Corporation (NPC). It was formed and launched in April 2010 as the Apex organisation for the clearing and freight forwarding industry in the SADC region. Between 2010 and 2022, the legal document establishing the FCFASA was its Constitution.

In 2020, its Constitution was amended to cover the whole of Africa. This means that any national customs and freight forwarding association can join FCFASA if it so wishes. As at 28 July 2023, FCFASA had more than 25 members drawn from 21 countries.

In 2022 FCFASA domicile was moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa where it was registered as a Non Profit Corporation. During the 2023 Annual General Meeting, FCFASA amended its name by substituting “Southern” with “Sovereign”. It is now known as the Federation of Clearing and Forwarding Associations of Sovereign Africa. This now correctly reflects the geographical coverage of FCFASA.

FCFASA provides support to its members to meet industry challenges to ensure effective advocacy and to be the dialogue partner of its identified stakeholders in the African supply chain industry such as the Committees, of Heads of Customs Administrations, all recognised African Regional Communities and other multilateral bodies.

The FCFASA vision is to be “The voice of the clearing and freight forwarding industry in Africa” 

To facilitate and conduct effective advocacy and the promotion of members’ interests in trade facilitation and Supply Chain Management. 

Message from the President

Keeping in mind the missions and objective of FCFASA, as representative of Mozambique Freight Forwarders associations, I accepted the roll of FCFASA Federation President for March 2020 to February 2022 mandate... read more